Friction & Oxidation

When metal surfaces rubbed together under pressure, the friction causes rolling or sliding resistance. Tearing of “ware metals” from metal surfaces creates heat in order of hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit as bits of metal are pulled away. This action develops uneven pits and channels in the metal surfaces as the bits of metal are broken off. The action roughs up the smoothly machined metal surfaces, resulting in more friction, causing greater heat, and wear to develop.

The heat produced oxidizes metal surfaces and making them in turn more subject to wear. The worn out metal, then, did not caught in the filter, gets back between the rubbing metal surfaces to act as an abrasive, causing accelerated wear process and get worse. And the degenerative wear cycle becomes more aggressive with time.

n addition, the oils and greases also oxidized (especially when water, acid, and salts are present), reducing their lubricating qualities which add up the problem. Increased friction may cause oils and greases get hot enough to oxidize fast enough to burst in flame ; resulting in severe damage to the expensive machine they were intended to protect.


Obviously, friction and corrosion are machine's worst enemies.

But the new space age NIB (Nano Ionic Bond) LUBRICATING TECHNOLOGY Metal Treatment solves both problems by treating the rubbing metal surfaces.


How It Works?

PRIMO NIB (Nano Ionic Bond) LUBRICATING TECHNOLOGY Metal Treatment forms a strong covalent and ionic bond on vital metal surface forming a new surface that is super slippery character; protects metal from friction, micro pitting corrosion and wear.

This new surface also blocks oxygen while virtually eliminating particle generation, decreases oxidation process. These two major catalysts in the process make the reason oil drains can be safely extended minimum 2 times without any loss in efficiency or component wear.

Super slippery character prevents metal-to-metal contact, engine can be operated for several hours safely, in case the oil is drained down from the crankcase accidentally.

PRIMO NIB (Nano Ionic Bond) Metal Treatment is non-corrosive to metals, recommended to be added to oils used in case-hardened parts component which are easily pitted by conventional sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure additive.

PRIMO NIB (Nano Ionic Bond) Metal Treatment displaces water from metal surfaces and excels in protecting equipment in wet environments. It is also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat causes oil to oxidize.

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