Make Your Own Super Lubricant! Ready in Concentrated Package

Enables you to blend your own Super Lubricants! with amazing lower energy costs performance advantage & Start Saving Money!

ADD 3% - 5 % to oils and 10% - 15% to greases, including:

ENGINE & COMMERCIAL VEHICLES: Engine oils, auto gear oils, marine diesel engine oils, locomotive engine oils, 4-stroke motorcycle oils, outboard motor oils, truck and tractor diesel engine oils, large diesel engine oil, natural gas engine oils, bicycling, wheel bearings, chassis, bushings, chains, etc.

INDUSTRIAL: Industrial gear oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, turbine oils, chain & sprockets, rock drilling oils, slide way lubricants, machine tools, printing equipments, paper machines & equipments, metal workings (cutting, drilling tapping), mining equipments, concrete form oils, paper machine oils, steam cylinder oils, process oils, wire rope & cable lubricants, armaments, robotics, greases, wax & other lubricant additives.

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