Available from ISO 32 to 220

FULLY SYNTHETIC HYDROISOMERIZED and ESTER Compressor oil, treated with European additive systems & NIB.

Outstanding performance in extreme service at high temperatures, prolongs compressor's life and won't easily produce carbon residues and deposit , well beyond the capabilities of mineral oils.

Recommended for cooling of flood type vane rotary and screw air compressors, also for vacum pumps. Recommended for discharging temperature of exceeding 90°C and/or pressures higher than 10 bars. L ong drain interval, from 4000 to 8000 hours.


Available in ISO 32 to 220

PETROCLEAR Based Compressor Oil, o utstanding performance in high & low temperatures compared to conventional mineral group 1 base oils, treated with European additive systems & NIB.

Its performance exceeds the standard performance of: CM P-38, P-54, P-55, P-57, General Electric GEK-32568, Solar Turbines ES9-224, US Military MIL-L-17672D, DIN-51524, PART 1, DENISON HF-1. Recommended particularly for screw, rotary vane & reciprocating type air compressors, also for vacuum pumps from various brands of air compressor, steam - gas and hydro-electric turbines.


Available in ISO 32 to 220

Designed for steam & gas turbines and hydro turbine sets or other systems in industrial machineries where long lubrication service life is required and all other circulation systems such as in pumps, valves and ancillary equipments.

PETROCLEAR base oil, treated with European additive systems & NIB. Highly effective additive packages which provide high level of thermal stability, rust & corrosion protection, excellent water separation and high resistance to emulsification & oxidation.

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